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"MICAH" nice Heeler/aussie mix


Nov 2016

animal # 581325

Mcas weblink (11/26 potential adopter pending dog meet)

Micah here! I'm just a sweet heeler/australian shepherd mix looking for a new home. I am a big lovebug and can't get enough attention from my people. What I'm looking for is a calm home where I can stretch out on my bed and get lots and lots of pets and affections from you! And definitely some walks around the neighbor so I can take in all the smells and sounds. I could potentially be with another dog but a meet would be required before I moved in. Based on my past history, the shelter is recommending that I go to a home without kids or with only adult children. My new adopter will also get a consult with our behavior specialist before taking me home! Come say hi! I'm 6 years old and weigh 47.Lima lbs.

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