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"XAVIER" ( formerly "Xexeres") happy update for a wonderful Doberman


Oct 2016

XAVIER (formerly known as Xexeres)

Success Story ? Xavier and Nala

Nov 2016

"Once upon a time a true friendship began ... the story of 2 homeless shelter companions, adopted from the MCAS shelter who found "home" with one another

Nala a rag doll cat the age of 6 was adopted by a volunteer at the shelter. A month later the Hammond family adopted their first large dog into the family a 3 yr old Doberman and gave him  the Prince name of "Xavier"

Nala helped greet Xavier into the household, allowing the Doberman to follow her and play with her. Xavier has adopted Nala as his best friend in the house!

Nala and Xavier sleep together every chance given

and truly love one another!"

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Here's my Mcas weblink

animal id # 581231

Xexeres is my name and I am one cool dude! I am a pretty active big guy who needs a home that can get me alot of exercise and play time! I love to play fetch with balls but I also love to snuggle and cuddle too. I am a big and gentle teddy bear looking for my forever home. I am about tiga years old and 86 pounds.

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