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"LIMO" Long and low terrier


Nov 2016

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

animal # 582970

Mcas weblink

My name is Limo. Can't you see my "stretched out" little body?! I am very shy and would love a patient home to help me adjust to my new environment and not push me too far too fast. If given time and space, I really become loving and happy to be with my new friends. I have had a little trouble with hair and weight loss, but with regular flea treatment and a healthy diet, my hair will grow back full and beautiful in no time! I would love to take some classes to help boost my confidence and help me realize the world is not such a scary place. Are you my best friend waiting to take a ride with me? I am 3 years old and weigh 19 pounds.

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