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"URSA" low and wide - nice Rottweiler


Dec 2016

animal # 582927

Mcas weblink  (adoption pending 12/1)

My name is Ursa. What a beautiful girl I am! I can be very sweet and affectionate with the people that I know. Sometimes it takes me a bit of time to get comfortable with new people, so any introductions should be done slowly and patiently. If you do that, I will be sure to warm up quickly! I love to play with toys, and will gladly lay down and chew on them for hours. The shelter is recommending I go to a home with kids 10 years old and up. I will be here at the shelter waiting to become your new sweetheart! I am 5 years old and weigh 78 pounds

people tell me I have a cute butt :)

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