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"Hattie" a special shelter dog - remembrance

Nov 2016 - We were sorry to hear that Hattie - the original inspiration for the MCAS Photo blog - has now passed on....

Hattie was adored by many, and treated to a wonderful life by her adopted dad Patrick.

Rest in Peace Hattie.


May all shelter dogs be so loved by their homes.

We would like to do a special photo blog posting in honor of a much loved and appreciated senior Pitbull named "Hattie."

Hattie, a former Animal Shelter dog, has reached the hearts of so many people in her life, and is the inspiration behind this MCAS photo blog, which her adopted dad Patrick started in 2008.

In 2001, Hattie's life in a crowded animal shelter took a wonderful turn when she was adopted by her new dad Patrick.  After adopting Hattie, Patrick became an avid animal shelter advocate. As a professional pet photographer, in 2008 he created our "MCAS Photo Blog" as a legacy to "Hattie". We continue to carry on the MCAS Photo Blog for the love of the many local shelter dogs that we meet, knowing that good homes are out there for these great dogs.

Our hope is that Hattie will inspire you to appreciate the "potential" of all dogs, regardless of looks, breed, size, background, or even kennel presentation!  Hopefully, if you have the patience, love and resources needed for a new canine friend, you'll find a great Shelter Dog to fit your lifestyle and allow the incredible journey to begin!

Here are some photos (past and present) of Hattie with different people and going different places: a perfect canine friend adopted from a city shelter. She's been living a happy life and she spreads happiness where she goes. She often converts people who are scared of 'pit bulls' and even some people who are scared of dogs.

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