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"KARMEL" voted Best Ears! delightful Pitbull mix

"TRANSFERREDdanquot; to a MCAS Placement partner!

June 2017

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

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animal # 592788

My name is Karmel. Sweet and delightful! I am around 1.Lima years old and I weigh 42 pounds. I am an interesting looking pup, and I have the personality to match. I really love to use my nose and explore. My new family should keep me on leash so that I don't go chasing my nose through Oregon without remembering to check in! Once given time to explore on my own, I become affectionate and engaged with my friends. The shelter is recommending a home without cats or small dogs. I know sit, but would love to learn some new tricks-what do you think? Come on down to the shelter and take me out for a run today!

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