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"BRUCE" smushy face Pitbull


June 2017

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

 Mcas Weblink

animal # 587616

Bruce here! I'm a confident male pitbull mix looking to find the right home. I love being around people and am incredibly friendly with them! Plus I already know tricks like Shake, Sit, and Down. I bet we could learn even more tricks with some fun, reward-based pembinaan! I can be a bit intense when it comes to other dogs though and I would need to be the only dog in my new home. But that's fine because then I don't have to share any of your love! I'm an active guy and would love a home able to keep up with my mental and physical needs to keep me healthy. I'm about 6 years old and weigh 71 lbs

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