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"CAMILLA" Happy 15lb terrier type -Indigo Rescue

Available for Adoption with Indigo Rescue!

Camilla is living in a foster home

please see Camilla'sIndigo Rescue Link - for more information - and also for more info on how to apply if interested

Meet Camilla!Camilla is a sweet, sweet, happy girl who loves to follow you everywhere, and be by your side or in your lap. The only masalah she has is that she is blind. This doesn't slow her down, though. She navigates almost exactly like a sighted dog, and might even see shadows out of one eye. All she really needs to do is figure out where everything is, and then she remembers and goes around it. Camilla is estimated by the vet at approximately lima.5 years old. Camilla is not sad about her impairment. She is just happy to be with you all the time! She will be happiest in a home with a securely fenced yard and no stairs (one or two steps is okay once she knows they are there). Walking on a leash is fine, but can be exhausting because she doesn't know where there might be a dip or a curb, or a branch sticking out, etc. Off-leash in a secure backyard is best because once she knows where things are, she can run and kick up her heels a bit. Camilla loves to run and play in the yard when it's a sunny day!

Camilla usually does fine with other dogs, but she is afraid when she meets them on the leash because she has no way of knowing what their intentions are. She can be defensive initially. Once she knows another dog and she is off-leash in the yard with them, she does great, but in the end, she really wants to be the only dog in her home. She would prefer not to share the attention of her person. She is completely fine with cats.We aren't exactly sure what breed mix Camilla is. Her coat is silky and doesn't shed much, and she weighs 15lbs. Whatever she is, she's super cute!

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