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"GIZMO" a terrier's "cone of shame "

"TRANSFERREDdanquot; to a MCAS Placement partner!

June 2017

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

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animal # 595923

Hi I'm Gizmo! I'm an adorable Yorkie/Pekingese mix searching for the perfect home. I'm a relaxed fella who would love to be your laid-back companion, taking lots of lazy walks and enjoying naps in the sun. I have some allergy issues so I will need to have consistent flea treatment to make sure that my skin gets back to full health. I have met other dogs at the shelter and I don't mind being around them. However, my new home could not have children below 10 years old as I have some handling sensitivities. Think we could be a match? I'm about 6.Lima years old and weigh 12.6 lbs

Gizmo was not too happy wearing  his Cone today!  Cute little guy

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