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"FRANKIE" Sir Franks A Lot

TRANSFERRED to Born Again Pitbull Rescue!!!

Well, hello! My name is "FRANKIE" such a pleasure to meet you and all the people in the world!! I'm everyone's best friend and a true social butterfly!

Frankie absolutely loves to say hello to anyone and everyone! He's a pocket sized pit bull puppy, 10 months old and just 30 pounds. Frankie love dogs too! But he's am an enthusiastic fella, so dogs who are willing to put up with his puppy antics enjoy meeting him too!

Frankie loves to play, his play style is on the exuberant side but Frankie knows how to rest too!  He loves to snuggle right beside y

Frankie is crate trained and housebroken. Positive-reinforcement puppy pembinaan classes are required and I cannot wait to start learning more stuff!!!

Frankie's ideal home is an active one without young children or small animals.

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