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"FRANKIE" Pint sized Pitmix!

TRANSFERRED to Born Again Pit Bull Rescue!!!

I am a super cute, tiny Pit mix (maybe Boston Terrier and Pitbull)  I'm a pretty typical Terrier in lots of ways - like I'm smart and learn quickly, but I need someone wise who loves dogs and can teach me how to be the best dog I can be! I'm in a foster home, and I have lots of really incredible people who are guiding me.   Like many Terriers, I can become very alert when I hear/see another dog barking...but move me away a little  bit, and I chill out again.  I've lived in a few different places - with other dogs- and I did great with them.

I need someone wonderful to  adopt me who understands my

Terrier personality!

Here's more about me on my MCAS weblink

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