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"LAMBERT" cool Cairn Terrier mix


Jan 15, 2016

here's my MCAS weblink (  1/14 pending adoption)

animal # 574404

The shelter named me Lambert after the actor who played in the Highlander. I think it's a good name for a Cairn Terrier mix like me. I'm a young lad about dua years old. I'm an active dog, and thus will need a daily walk and play to take care of my exercise needs. I can be mouthy so a home with toddlers might not be a good match. The shelter people said I'm pretty smart and that obedience group and trick pelatihan would be fun and a good thing for my new owner to do with me. I sometimes like to play keep away so adopters with a busy household or kids will want to take appropriate measures to keep me from getting out.

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