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"GOMER" a Very BIG awesome chubby shepherd/hound mix

"TRANSFERRED" to Oregon Humane Society!

July 10, 2015

please visit Gomer! He's a cool BIG dog!

Gomer If this fella drew your attention, it’s only natural. This is Gomer. He is an active boy searching for an active home. Gomer can be shy at first, and takes some time to adjust in new environments. Once he settles in his new home, it will be essential for his new companion to keep Gomer mentally and physically stimulated. His enthusiasm and excitement for life is endearing but will need to be channeled into rigorous activities. If you are looking for a running, hiking, or any outdoor activity companion than we highly recommend Gomer here. Gomer will do best in a home with adults or older, mature dog savvy children. He will need continued basic training and socialization to keep him the best canine he can be. If you are looking for a dog that is always willing to take on that next adventure at a full sprint than Gomer may be partner you have been looking for. Gomer came to OHS through the Second Chance Program from Multnomah Co. Animal Services.

4 yrs old, 114 lbs,


Please give me a bit of time to sniff around and just chill out when I first meet you and don't expect my immediate interest in you? Please?  I'm a little shy....just give me a few minutes and respect my space?  I am lovely and if you give me a little time You will fall in love with me

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink

Hello there! My name is Gomer and I'm looking for a new home. I am a sweet, but very sensitive boy that needs a quiet, yet active family. I'm quite laid back, but really enjoy going for walks. As you can see I'm in a little need of a diet and exercise plan, so walks should be lots of fun! The nice people that found me said I like to play tug and I ride well in the car. I am also independent and will need a home with kids over the age of 12 years, due to my sensitivities. Please come down and meet your soulmate today! I am about 4 years old and weigh a hefty 127 pounds.

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