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"AVA" Whippet mix


Mar 2017

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animal id # 585168

Hello everybody! My name is Ava and I'm looking for an active home that can keep up with my energy level. I am young and have tons of energy to burn and lots of knowledge to learn. I am very sweet and eager to please. I am looking for a family that can provide me with lots of exercise, a secure yard, and mental stimulation to keep my mind sharp. I have some basic skills down, but sometimes I just get too excited and can't contain myself. The shelter is recommending that kids in the home be 8 years or older due to my jumpy/mouthy behaviors. I am very treat and toy motivated, so reward based training should be easy. I also may need a home without any animals smaller than myself. My breed is known to have a high prey-drive towards smaller animals. I hope you fall in love with my gorgeous self and come to meet me today! I am about tiga years old and weigh 40 pounds

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