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"DIESEL" (and sibling "MOTOR" ) sweet young calm Weimaraners (Oregon Weim Rescue)


Mar 2017

Available for Adoption with Oregon Weimaraner Rescue!

Diesel and his sibling Motor are currently in OWR Foster homes. They get along well, but will be better placed in individual homes

with a female dog companion.

Please check the OWR site for more info

OWR Facebook link

No cats

No birds

No small furries

Female dogs encouraged

Here's Diesel's OWR weblink  (Mar 2 Adoption Pending)

UPDATE dua/19:

Diesel's OWR Foster home notes: "Diesel is a sweet guy who is allowing his personality to show through while becoming more a member of the pack each day (I have 3 of my own weims). Similar to his brother, Diesel came into our home being a bit aloof, but he is now warming up to us and seeking our attention. Diesel is a really calm dog, which is surprising given his young age, who is becoming just a total sweetheart. He is even becoming fond of going into his wire crate. Command responsiveness is also improving every day."


Here's Motor's OWR weblink (Mar 2 Adoption Pending)


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