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" MOJO young " Lab/Pitmix


Oct 2016

here's my Mcas weblink  (10/17 pending adoption)

animal id # 582036

My name is Mojo! I am1 year old and weigh 46 pounds. I have become a fan favorite with my ability to work my magic to make human friends-hence the name! I am sweet and engaged with people, and it does not take me long to be right on your lap looking for affection. I have a rough and rowdy play-style with people, so it may be best that I go to a home with kids over 6 years old. I can be a bit unsure of other dogs, so any introductions should be done slowly, and dog parks may not be my preferred place to play. I would much prefer a rousing game of fetch in the back yard followed by a nice warm spot on the couch. Hope to see you at the shelter soon!


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