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"FRIDA" happy excited Pitbull puppy


Oct 2016

This little puppy got an AMAZING home today!  Someone looking for a smart active young dog like Frida to love and train, be a great pet, and enjoy fun dog sports games like "fly ball"

here's my Mcas weblink  (adoption pending 10/21)

animal id # 582019

Hi there - I'm Frida and I'm a young Pitbull mix who can't wait to find my new home! My shelter friends say that I'm a smart and curious pup and I already know "sitdanquot;. They think that with some reward-based training I can learn lots! I'm a loving and playful puppy but like a lot of puppies, I can be a bit mouthy so my new home would need to help teach me not to use my mouth as much. Come meet me and see if we're a match! I am around 4 months old and weigh 21 lbs.

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