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"BLAKE" cool Boxer mix


Oct 2016

Available for Adoption with Oregon Humane Society!

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id # 194991

If this fella drew your attention, it?S only natural. This is Blake. He is an active boy searching for an active home. It will be essential for Blake to find a companion that can keep him mentally and physically stimulated. His enthusiasm and excitement for life is endearing but will need to be channeled into rigorous activities. If you are looking for a running, hiking, or any outdoor activity companion then we highly recommend Blake here. He will need continued basic pembinaan and socialization to keep him the best canine he can be. If you are looking for a dog that is always willing to take on that next adventure at a full sprint then he may be partner you have been looking for. Blake came to OHS from Bonnie Hays Shelter through our Second Chance Program.

btw - I got neutered!

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