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" BORIS " friendly terrier mix

"TRANSFERRED" to a Mcas Placement Partner :)

Oct 2016

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animal id #581878

The name is Boris! Quite the little lad I have been told, and I think you will agree. I have a cute little face, a stocky body, a curly tail-but it all adds up to one awesome dog! I have got a really easy-going temperment, but given the chance, I can be really goofy and entertaining. I am a bit shy when it comes to meeting new people, but once I am comfortable and feel safe, it takes me no time at all to recover and make quick friends. I have been around same-sized dogs in the past and done well. My ideal home would have a canine friend to hang with, and kids older than 6 years old. Can't wait to meet you! I am 4 years old and weigh 27 pounds.

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