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"RUBY" tribute to a great shelter dog

Jan 20, 2018  RIP sweet Ru. You were a well loved shelter rescue dog. You will be missed.

Ruby is a Mcas alumni dog that Angela L, a friend and fellow shelter volunteer, adopted

almost 10 years ago.  I asked Angela if we could please post something on the photoblog for Ruby while she's still around.  She's a great dog, and has led an incredible life with Angela, Torrey and Jasper.

Nov 2017 "I first met Ruby 2008.  At the time I was the volunteer foster coordinator for the shelter.  I’d become quite good at talking other kind-hearted volunteers into helping the dogs that needed a little TLC, surgery recovery, growing time or training to become adoptable.  Although Ruby needed none of these, she did need assessment, and nobody was stepping up for her.  You see, Ruby was noted as incontinent at the shelter.   The shelter set me up with meds to see if we could resolve her leaking and I set myself up with waterproof blankets and plenty of laundry detergent.  Happily, with some time we found the right drug combination of Proin and DES her incontinence resolved, and it was time to find her a home.  She was listed as adoptable, we attended one adoption outreach and although a sweet girl, at age six and likely needing prescription medications the rest of her life she was passed by for younger models again and again.  Christmas was upon us and a family road trip to the inlaws was planned.  Not having the heart to take Ruby back to the shelter she got permission to join on our trek east.  Eastern Washington was blanketed in heavy snow which turns out is one of Ruby’s favorite things.  Unfortunately, her joyous bounding through snow drifts landed her on a buried metal fence post that left a nasty gash in her flank.  The beauty of small town vets on Christmas eve is everyone knows everyone and a quick call to his home got us in for some needed stitches.  Our joke from that day forward was “we broke her, guess we’ll have to buy her”.  She’s been a wonderful addition to our two dog, two cat family ever since.  Ruby is the rock.  She is bombproof with anything and everyone.  She’s been a great influence on many under socialized fosters that have come and gone.  Ruby has been a constant companion and traveled the state and beyond on numerous adventures.  Beaches, snow and water are her happy places.  Now at age 15 we’re focused on making every weekend a Ruby weekend.  Hikes are a much slower pace but taking in the sights sounds and smells still puts a smile on her face.  My hard woods floors are decorated with anti-slip bath matts and her leaking and the waterproof blankets have returned.  She’s given us so much joy and we’ll be with her, keeping her comfortable and happy as long as she wishes."  Angela L

all photos credit Angela and Torrey L

Ruby's first day in her, who knew, new home.

Ruby in her younger days had such a beautiful, shinny coat.  This picture is she and Jasper listening to the distant wolves in Yellowstone

Ruby leading the way with foster dog Tucker in tow

Ruby watching over the a Bend lake with her signature one ear up and one down.

Ruby and Jasper enjoying beach time

Happy Adoption: Jasper and Ruby

"Both Jasper and Ruby came to me as fosters. Both remained and I couldn't be luckier.

Trail run in the Wallows

Ruby's glamour shot.

DNA test revealed she's a Doberman, Collie, Bichon mix

Ruby watching over her kitties

Ruby loving this past winters big snowfall

Ruby, an old gal now, but stills loving

her outdoor day trips with her family:)

A Ruby weekend in the gorge

Ruby a recent Weekend in Hood River

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