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"PILLSBURY" chunky white Bully mix


Nov 2017

Mcas weblink  (11/12 possible adopter - check back!)


My name is Pillsbury. I also answer to Dough Boy, Biscuit Butt, Mr. Squishy Face, and Buddy Boo. I am a big, silly guy who loves play time. I am also a master cuddler when you're in the mood to binge a bunch of TV. I love a good rom-com on Netflix, but I also would not be opposed to a Pixar marathon (I'm very fond of Doug and Kevin from Up). I have enjoyedg the high life in a foster home. Some things my foster mom has noted: I can be wary of new people/environments. My new home should understand that and be patient with me. I'm slowly learning that the world is full of good people and excellent treats. Once we are buds, and you're part of my inner circle of trust (learned that term watching Meet the Fockers), I will be so excited to see you. I throw my whole body in to you and mouth a bit to show you how happy I am to see you. Because of my size, the shelter thinks kids in the home should be 12 or older. I cannot live with any critters that are smaller than I am. They are entirely too much fun to chase (remember that scene with the table in Marley and Me? That's a belly laughing great scene. Every. Time). I can be a bit selective about my dog friends, so the shelter will want to do a meet and greet if you've already got a doggo at home. What do you say? Got a free spot on your couch and in your heart for 85 pounds of fun? 6 yrs, 11 months I'M IN A DIFFERENT AREA OF THE SHELTER SO ASK TO MEET ME!

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