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"CLIO" UPDATE! cute red pitbull in Training Foster Home


Mar 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Fostered at Columbia River Correctional Facility

"Clio is an adoptable dog, currently fostered in a very special foster-home. She's trained and cared for by selected inmates at the Oregon Department of Corrections Columbia River Correctional Facility by the PDX airport. She enjoys constant companionship, excellent socialization, and hands-on training each day. It's a helpful arrangement for Clio, and for her inmate caretakers.

We recommend that Clio be the only pet in a home with children over the age of fifteen."

here's myMcas weblink  (3/13 potential adopter - check back)


Clio here! I am that perfect kind of dog that is up for activities but when you are feeling a little tired, I am comfortable just laying around, snuggling and watching Netflix too. I love to sleep in the bed with my people and I am currently in a pelatihan program learning all about doggie manners. I already know how to sit, down, stay, come, shake, spin, drop, high five and leave it! I am doing well with leash walks and I am even starting to dabble in some nose work fun. I seem to be house trained, crate trained, and I am really good about not jumping up on people. I have had a past of not getting along with other dogs, so I should be the only animal in the household and need to go to a home with kids over the age of 15 years. The Canine Care Specialist has been working with me as well, so ask to speak with him! His work week is Tuesday- Saturday and you will love getting to know him and use him as a resource. I am currently in a foster home. If you are interested in meeting me, please contact Jana at jana.M.Patterson@gmail.Com to set up a time to meet me! 1 yr 9 mths, 57 lbs

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