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"HARLEY" Pitbull with a heart of Gold

"TRANSFERRED" to Family Dogs New Life Shelter!

Mar 2018  Harley is a Great dog - make sure to visit him!

Talk about a charmer! If being handsome were a crime I guess I would be illegal! If being wonderful were unlawful then I would be under arrest! I am one hunky, happy, easygoing guy. My tail just never stops waggin?. I do great with other dogs, I love to play! And I even held it together meeting the kitty cats today, but let?S be honest?I may want to chase them now and then! I?D love to find a family with kids who are big enough and sturdy enough to handle nonstop tail wags. I?Ve been told I am too big for it, but it never hurts to try and be a lap dog. Doesn?T everybody want one of those? Oh yeah, I?Ve also got great crate pelatihan skills. Dang, I?M good! Don?T make me wait too long for you!

5 years old-66lbs. My adoption fee is $180 and includes neuter, microchip, 1 month pet health insurance, free veterinary exam, reduced-cost training class, leash/collar, toy & treat packet, food sample.  5 yrs 66lbs

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink


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