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"L.J." UPDATE YAY! Portland community - please step up!


May 2018

Let's all think good thoughts that it works out well for this sweetie!

"Long-term shelter and foster dog, LJ, was adopted by Elaina today after being in our care since August 2017. Many thanks to everyone who helped and cheered LJ along the way."

Can you please help L.J find his forever home?

L.J. Is unique - from the way he sometimes sits double jointed with his legs turning back - to the roll of his tongue - to his wide open gaze, with possibly a bit of Boxer in the more pronounced eyes. A gentle older guy.

L.J  needs a home where someone is home much of the time, and who will give him a stable structure

so he can feel secure when left alone for a few hours, and might benefit from another compatible

big dog in the home for when you go out.  This cool guy is  basically otherwise a low maintenance, very lovable, easy going boy. His Mcas foster mom stepped up and brought L.J. into her home a few months ago, and worked with L.J. so she could show everyone what a great dog he is.

And she succeeded!!  But now she needs to be able to move on, and help other dogs.

MCAS has taken care of LJ. For over a year now. Please, it's time for the rest of the Portland Community to show your support for the local Multnomah County open intake shelter, and step up and find this sweetie a forever home!

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's myMcas weblink


Hey there! Are you looking for a one of a kind, fabulous dog? Are you looking to help be a special person for a dog that has had a rough life and needs to change that course? Are you home a lot and just need a buddy to keep you company? If you are thinking yes to these questions - then I would like to introduce myself! I am LJ. I am a 9 year old Pittie mix and all 60 pounds of me are full of love. I love to snuggle, take walks and follow you from room to room. I am a loyal companion and a champion snuggle monster. I am goofy with my double jointed legs and tongue that hangs out sometimes but I am also regal and sophisticated as I rest my head on your couch pillows. I am totally house trained and my foster mom says that I am the easiest house guest. I am doing great with training and feel completely ready to find my own forever home. I have some fabulous K9 friends but there are also some that aren't my favorite so the shelter would love for us to do a meet and greet before going home. I would love if my home had kids that were over the age of 6 years and no small animals please. There is one last thing you should know about me. I struggle with anxiety when my people leave me. I am learning about how to feel more confident in my foster home but its still hard when you leave. If you are interested in meeting me, please contact the foster coordinator to set up a time to meet me! You can reach her at 503-988-6670 or email at foster@multco.Us to learn more about me! **

I love belly rubs from my favorite people

Froggie Legs

L.J. Loves to suck on his soft blanket or teddy bear- it is calming

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