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"MORTICIA" gentle lovable German Shepherd - needs TLC - OHS


May 2018

I knew Morticia at MCAS and was so impressed with her rock steady demeanor. She'll thrive in a good home where she continues

to get some TLC for her skin. Morticia showed rapid improvement of her skin during her short stay in a Mcas foster home before transfer.

Great dog, worth visiting.

"TRANSFERRED" to Oregon Humane Society!

What my friends at OHS say about me:

  • I am treat motivated! You can use treats to teach me new things!
  • I really enjoy playing with toys! I’ll let you know my favorite one when we meet!
  • I am social with new people and with new dogs.
  • I am not one to sit still! I will flourish in a home with someone that will keep me mentally and physically active!
  • 6 yrs 74 lbs

I've slimmed down nicely since these pics.

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