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"CHANDLER" yellow lab mix


Nov 2018

Chandler, male Yellow Lab mix 1 yr, 56 lbs

here's myMcas weblink (11/9 adoption pending)


Hi, my name is Chandler, a 1 year old Lab mix fella. I am a high energy dude, do you go on hikes? COOL! Bring me with. Do you jog? EVEN BETTER! I'd be the perfect running partner once I get my leash manners down! I love playing with toys, and sometimes when I am trying to tell you I want to play I use my mouth. I also sometimes jump up to tell you when I want something like food or toys. I am looking for an active family that will use positive reinforcement pembinaan methods with me. If there are any kids in my new potential home, they need to be 12 and up and able to keep up with me! Ask to meet me today!

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