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"BUDDY SR" - sweetie mature German Shepherd

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!


Nov 2018

Buddy is currently in a MCAS Foster Home

Buddy, male German Shepherd

here's myMcas weblink (11/9 on hold for potential adopter)


Hi! My name is Buddy, I am a 10 year old German Shepherd Gent. I am a big boy at 100 lbs, but I promise it is 100 lbs of LOVE! I am taking a break from the shelter in a foster home currently, and my foster parents say I am a simple guy. I enjoy taking walks, getting a bone to chew on here and there, and hanging out getting attention! If you are looking for a sweet companion dog look no further! I currently live with two other dogs in my foster home as well, and we have been getting along great! If you are interested in meeting me, please contact the foster coordinator at foster@multco.us or cal 503-988-6670. I look forward to meeting you!!!

Photos courtesy Buddy's MCAS Foster Home

Buddy with Foster dad and home dogs


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