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"NOEL" little CUTIE Loves Play Learning Tricks - My Way Home Rescue


Aug 2019

Available for Adoption with My Way Home Rescue

NOEL! Noel weighs around 13 lbs and we guess her to be 2 yrs old. We are listing her as a Terrier, but really we just don?T know what her breeds are. Noel should be named Playful Noel as she loves to play with other dogs.

Our Noel is a sweet, pretty, charismatic and charming little dog. She can be quite a social butterfly when there is company. She recently tried out at a small dog park and did great.

Noel loves chewies, toys and going for walks. She let us know that her ideal home would be one where she gets daily walks and has a person to play with her. She also requested a dog to play with and to keep her company. She loves to play! This is important to Noel, she would be stressed without a buddy to play and hang out with!

If you are interested in meeting Noel, please send a completed application (found on our website Our Adoption Policy ? My Way Home Dog Rescue to the rescue and her foster mom will give you details about me and answer any questions


My adoption fee is $300 (that includes her spay, microchipped, heartworm tested, flea/tick treatment and all of her vaccines up to date) My Way Home adopts to Oregon and Western WA only.

Noel's Foster Mom has discovered that Noel is highly intelligent and loves learning new things.

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