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Black-winged Stilt

Black-winged Stilt

Stilt Bird Family call Recuruviostridae.

Status in Thailand Resident and migratory birds

Birds are small - medium (37-38 cm) long pointed mouth and a black neck lengthy pointed wings, medium period tail fairly long legs in comparison to body length. Red or pink legs and arms are stretched forward three inches 4 inches at the back of one inch through one inch or an inch and an inch of it after a brief outage. While the white fly. Tail feathers protecting a triangle top and a white rump. With black trim of the wing. Long legs and arms straight out. The tail stop of a male and woman of color is barely one-of-a-kind. The male head and neck are white. The grownup male is not the quit of the pinnacle and neck pinnacle is black. And the female within the lower back Dark brown shoulder Head and neck quit is grey and gloomy. The adult girl is similar however now not the top and neck region. At the quit is gray End of the wing feathers have white stripes. Legs and hands are faded pink or purple, like grownup breeding birds Stilt breed in the course of the summer months of April to June. Nest collectively in groups on the grass. Or mound close Water used for food Bordered by digging shallow wells. Remove the blade from the center of the basin to accommodate eggs. When someone or some thing Disturbance drawing near the nest It screaming and flying sequences to come. And frequently faux to take wing hit the ground and landed at function No. Nest. To divert them far from the nest. Both sexes incubate assist Gulf. Since the first egg Incubation takes 25-26 days


Live within the water, both freshwater and marine water, marsh, swamps, lakes, reservoirs, rice fields, shrimp farms and salt wetlands.

Eat meals

Including fish, shellfish, bugs and worms.

Outstanding behavior

Often determined on my own During the breeding season, can be observed in pairs or flocks observed living on land, water or in swampy dust men deep stomach for meals by way of pecking away or use mouth thread the water. The birds are flying nicely. Unmarried enemies and interference to fly and often ship a cry of "Gig Gig Gig" became repeated several instances.

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