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"AURORA" Fabulous gentle lab/aussie?


July 2019

Adoption information

MCAS hours/ Location

Aurora, female Lab (aussie?) mix, 3 yrs 63 lbs

mcas weblink Adopted

My name is Aurora. I am seeking a quiet home that will respect my need for some time to adjust. Once I know you, I will share my wonderful smile. I love to go for walks, just ask me. I know sit and shake and the shelter thinks I might even be house trained. My skin and coat needs some work, but there is a beautiful dog lurking under the surface. If there are kids in my new home, they should be at least 8 years or older due to some fearful behaviors.


Aurora got a bath today and she looks/feels much better.

Soft and shiny!

Aurora's type of hair loss may be typical of a mother dog who recently had pups, but didn't receive adequate nutrition (yet it can also be seen on mother dogs who have had proper nutrition) Aurora is already looking much better than the below photo,

and will continue to blossom in a good home.

Aurora deserves a really good home.

Aurora 1 week ago.

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