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"SIERRA" aka "Penelope" HAPPY Adoption UPDATE!

Sierra/aka Penelope

Happy Adoption Update! July 2019

"That anxious dog we adopted about 10 months ago now is now happy and confident.  As you can see, she has filled out too.  That's solid muscle.  Mark takes her out for about an hour a day in the morning, and I take her out for 1 to 3 miles in the afternoon.  She also runs off leash quite a bit on hiking trails.  (We've found some safe out-of-the-way places.)  She responds instantly to voice commands and signals and does not run off (unlike a certain Lab we once knew and loved), so that makes it possible to let her run.

There are two things I especially love - when a baby smiles at you and when a joyful dog comes running to you.

She is such a sweetheart, affable and full of energy.  She's still shy around people and other dogs but not afraid anymore.  People constantly comment about what a beautiful dog she is."   Carol T.


Sept 2018

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Penelope, aussie/german shepherd

here's my Mcas weblink Adopted


Hi there! My name is Penelope, a 3 year old Shepherd mix. I am a sensitive lady, that came to the shelter as an owner surrender, and I have been pretty fearful, but the staff and volunteers have been working with me to help me overcome my fears! I am a sweet gal that really bonds hard with my people, I am always stuck to whoever takes me on a walk like glue! I like to be pet, especially butt scratches! I also am super smart, and know "sit", and "shake"! I will need to go to a home with no other animals, and any kids need to be 8 and older and should come meet me before I go home! Ask to meet me today!  3 yrs 64 lbs

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