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"JULIA" hey I'm back! (now as "Julia Jasmine")


Julia is a very cool little dog. She needs someone who appreciates that she is nervous around some things, and will work with her and be a gentle and patient influence in her life :)

A spunky little companion is what you seek? Then ask about ME!! I will be full of energy and mischief to keep your days full of happiness and no dull moments. I may be small but I am not ready to settle in as granny's lap dog just yet!

My new home should be prepared for cold morning potty times and walks in the rain. Reward based training classes are required as part of my adoption. I am best suited for a home with no cats or dogs,  any kids should be a respectful 6 years or older. I am just about 1 1/2 years of age and I weigh 12lbs. Here's my MCAS Weblink

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