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"CALEB" Heeler mix - UPDATE - check out my play dog moves


Aug 29, 2015

UPDATE! I'm doing great in a short term foster home - I can't stay here for too long, and I'll be back at the shelter next week probably unless I'm adopted sooner. I am a good example of the need for good MCAS Foster Homes....but I was also doing ok when out of the kennel area with dog shelter volunteers - very sweet and loving always.

Available for adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services

here's my Mcas weblink

I?M enjoying this new chapter in my life. You see, I came to the shelter with entropian (eyelashes growing into my eyes). The shelter performed surgery and got me all fixed up. I feel so much better and can actually see clearly now! In the shelter environment I was pretty scared but now that I?M in a foster home I?M blossoming. I love my doggie siblings and do my best to get them to play. It?S said I?M too interested in the cat to consider them in my new home. I?M a sweet heart that enjoys laying my big head on laps and offering some sloppy kisses to willing (or not) humans. I?M just a youngster with more learning to go but I have a great start. I?M house trained, walk well on leash and know sit and down. I can rest quietly in my crate for short spells and love my treats so additional training will be a snap! I?M a good boy looking for a great family! I am 18 months old and weigh a sleek 60 lbs. To learn more about me, contact my foster mom, Angela, at 503-807-1516 :)

here's me at my temporary foster home!

Here's me on a hike with my foster mom

I feel so much better since my eye surgery!!!

YOU can help more MCAS shelter animals like me get the special medical care they need! like I was able to receive to fix my painful

eye entropian (my eyelash's turned into my eyeballs, ouch!)

Please contribute to the MCAS "DOLLY'S FUND!

All donations are used to help the animals get special medical care

here's me before my "entropian" eye surgery.

My eyelashes were "turning in" and scratching my eyeballs.

Obviously painful!

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