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"STEWART" adorable wirehaired terrier mix


Aug 29, 2015

here's my Mcas weblink

My name is Stewart. I am a tiga year old terrier mix and I weigh about 20 lbs. I came in as a stray, so the staff does not know much about my history. What they can tell you is that I am a very shy little guy who takes awhile to get used to new people. I can trust my owner very quickly, but I still need some help on figuring out who really just wants to be my friend! I am very active, even for my size, and could use long walks or hikes to keep me in shape. I love using my nose, and may even enjoy doing some fun activities like nose work! I also must confess, but I really like toys?I am just not so sure how to use them just yet. Because of my shy and reserved personality, my ideal how would be without young children. Please come on down to meet me!

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