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"ELLIS" - the darling Brindle boy - update 3 yrs later!!

Update from BAPBR Facebook site

Yay Ellis and thank you MCAS adopters!!

"Remember Ellis? He was a Multnomah County Animal Services adoptable from back in 2012. He stole all our hearts - many networked and rooted for Ellis to find a home after many months at MCAS. Well here's a pupdate from his mom (they now live in Alaska) -- "He has been remarkable! Everyone loves him no matter where he goes. We did have a bout of mange for awhile in 2013, but after adjusting foods and now loving a diet of fish, rice and deer meat, he is great! He does outstandingly well with children, some dogs are okay. He's just very kicked back and goes with the flow."


July 22, 2012

Ellis is a magnificent 2 year old pit bull mix who entered the shelter with chemical burns to his body. They are all healed up now, and nothing can bring this fella down!

Ellis was a big hit in the Pitties and Pink Parade!

Check out his music video:

Ellis does great with other calm dogs, he loves to entertain himself with toys and he's the world's best snuggler.  Ellis has been in the shelter since VALENTINES DAY.  Only a fool would pass this fantastic dog up!

View his online profile here:


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