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"MARY JANE" nice Doxie in transition

Mary Jane is now in a home as a "Foster to Adoptdanquot;

Let's hope it's a great match!!

here's my Mcas weblink

animal id # 522277

Hi there! My name is Mary Jane, I'm a Dachshund lady looking to find a new home. I love nothing more than to be near to my favorite people whether I'm snoozing or giving lots of kisses! I was very bonded with my previous owner and if you have room in your heart for me, I think we can be the best companions ever. I lived with dua cats before so I wouldn't mind some new feline friends if you've got them. I can be nervous in new situations so it might take a little time for me to warm up and climb into your lap but once I've opened up to you, I never look back! Come say hi to me and let's begin our journey together! I'm about 8 years old and weigh 12 lbs.

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