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"SOPHIE" happy little terrier - Indigo Rescue - WESTSIDE


Feb 2017

Sophie is living in a foster home

Note: Sophie is sometimes at Indigo adoption outreaches "We have a few of our dogs available for meets at the Tanasbourne Petco on Thursdays from 4-7pm and at PetSmart on 185th and Walker in Hillsboro every other Sunday from noon until 3pm"  ps - The Feb Sunday Petsmart dates are 12th and 26th

 Indigo Rescue is not "first come first serve" they seek to find a best forever match with the dog(s) and the new home.

Sophie is a little wire haired terrier of some sort. She's super cute, about 8.Lima - 9 years old, and weighs about 10lbs. Sophie came to us with a bladder stone, and we had surgery done to remove it. Sophie needs to eat a special diet to prevent build up of more stones, but she does great on the diet! Sophie wants to be the apple of her person's eye. She does not need to live with another dog, but she can, as long as they aren't young and wanting to get up in her face excitably. She will make a great companion for a lonely person who just wants a walking buddy and someone to sit with them when at home.

please see Sophie'sIndigo Rescue Link

- for more information and how to apply for Sophie if interested. There's an application on Sophie's Petfinder site to fill out if you would like to apply for her.

here is the email contact: Indigo Rescue info@indigorescue.org

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