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"BEN" goofy senior boy - likes meeting other dogs


After almost lima months in the shelter!

Jan 2017

Ben was adopted to a great home!

I hope MCAS gets some happy updates

Feb tiga, 2017 MCAS Newsletter

"After 147 days at the shelter, Ben found his new home with Amber last Saturday!"

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

animal # 580979

Mcas weblink

My name is Ben & I have been here since early September 2016!!! I am 10 years old and I weigh 75 pounds. I have had quite the life, and now I am just looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy my retirement years. I can still be quite goofy and love to be around with my human friends, playing with toys or just a good old fashioned romp around the yard. I have been an outside dog most of my life, and so transitioning to a home will take some time, but I promise to be very appreciative! I have been tolerant of other dogs when meeting them, but do not seem to be much into playing. I am looking for an Adult-only home, as I have had issues with food-guarding and will need proper management with this. Due to this, it is best that I be the only pet in the home as well. As you can see with my appearance, I have had some previous trauma but it has not affected me physically, and I can still move around without much issue at all. I hope you take the chance on me - I'll be a really sweet and wonderful guy with the right home!!

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