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"TANK" big Boston Terrier


Jan 2017

to a nice quiet adult home


"Tank has a new name, Trace, given to him by his new daddy. He is learning it very quickly. He has a bite history and it said he doesn't like strangers or new dogs approaching him, he will lunge towards them. Yesterday he met his neighbor and her MinPin for a walk and it went very well. He started to lunge and was given the sit command and did so immediately. They did the normal meet and greet and then walked a half mile together. This will be his daily walking partner. He also met the couples daughter and that went well. She came back again a few hours later and she was giving her love and kisses within 10 seconds. Being in a calm household with no children, he has shown none of the described bad traits and is thriving and full of love for his new family."

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink

animal id # 576754

Hi there! My name is Tank and I'm looking for a special home. I am a super boy once I feel comfortable and love to play, play, play! I enjoy just about any toy! Although my previous family loved me very much, I had some quirks that were just not fitting into their lifestyle. I can get scared and uncomfortable in new environments and around new people and will need someone who can teach me that I don't need to be defensive. I am a very loving boy that is protective of his loved ones and need a quiet home that doesn't have a lot of traffic. Apartment life is certainly not for me. I enjoy playing with other dogs, but at this time I prefer kids to be over the age of 14 years. I am housetrained and very active. My new home should be prepared to give me plenty of deserved exercise. If you have had experience with a fearful dog and would like to help me through these trying times, please come and meet me today! It may take a couple of meetings for me to feel comfortable. I am about 4 years old and weigh 28 pounds.

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