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"LUTHER" ( aka Smokey) short Chunky and Charming


Jan 2017

"Transferred" to Oregon Humane Society"

Luther  (aka Smokey)

Ohs id #198316

Did I catch your eye? I don’t blame you if you had to stop and stare, I am quite cute if I do say so myself. I love the attention and I don’t mind if you want to shower me with all your love, actually I would prefer it! My name is Luther and all I want to do is find a place to call my own. If you have been searching for an outgoing, furry companion that you want to spoil then look no further. I adore meeting new people and like to go new places. I can’t wait to see what the world has to offer me and if you want to join me in all my adventures then I would be an even happier canine than ever before! Luther came to OHS from Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter through our Second Chance Program.


SMOKEY a favorite local (Westside) Shelter dog!


Dec 23rd - Bonnie L Hays Facebook post:

"He's been here since September and there are only two days left to get adopted before Christmas (adoptions are open today and Saturday the 24th), so we wanted to give Smokey a little holiday cheer with this photo shoot. We love him and will care for him for as long as it takes, but it sure would be nice to see this guy go home for the holidays!"https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/37039506

An earlier Bonnie L Hays Facebook Post, when Smokey was at the Wash Co Shelter:

Available for adoption at Bonnie L Hays

(aka  Washington County Animal Shelter)


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