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"VALKYRIE" voted best ears


Nov 2016

animal # 581407

Mcas weblink

My name is Valkyrie. I am quite the gal, and would love to get to know you! I can come off shy with new people, but once I am comfortable I want nothing to do with anything else. I do know sit, but taking some reward-based classes to help boost my confidence, especially in new environments, could be a real big help! I can be jumpy and physical when excited and playing, so it may be best that I go to a home with kids over 6 years old. I have lived with another dog in the past, but any other canines in my new home should meet me here at the shelter first to make sure we are a good match! I hope to see you soon-I am ready to go! I am 2 years old and weigh 44 pounds.

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