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"NICHOLAS" the cat


Mar 2017

Love this guy, and am so surprised that Nicholas is still available, so am posting him tonight just to give Nicholas some added exposure.  He's goofy, playful, nervous and attentive all at the same time! Remember to play with toys with him, not your hands.

Available for Adoption at Oregon Humane Society!

Nicholas' Ohs Weblink

animal # 198038

Watch his video! Get to know this amazing guy and you won?T be sorry! Nicholas is a happy-go-lucky feline who would love to settle into a quiet home of his own. Nicholas is the sweetest boy ever. He loves to cuddle and explore his environment. He may adjust best in a home with older, respectful kids. He?S ready to find his forever family where he will be loved and cherished for years to come. Could it be with you?

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