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"STACY" smart and engaging german shepherd mix


Oct 2016

here my Mcas weblink

animal id # 581957

Stacy here! Have you been looking for a calm and sweet lady, but haven't had the luck? Well look no further! The shelter can be a stressful place, and I am doing my best, but my friends here know that when I get into my home I will come out of my shell in no time! I can be very sweet with the people closest to me, and although I may be a bit aloof with new people, it takes me no time at all to warm up to them once I feel safe. I can't wait to get into my new home and enjoy being spoiled! The shelter recommends that I go to a home with kids older than 6, and have no history of me with other dogs or cats. I am 5 years old and weigh 55 pounds.

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