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"BLUEBEARD" nice senior Shih tzu


Mar 2017

here's my Mcas weblink  (3/14 has an adopter)

animal id # 584623

Avast! Bluebeard here! I'm a sweet little male Shih Tzu mix looking for a new home where I can lower my anchor. I was named after a pirate because it looks like I only have one eye, but its just a little smaller than the other one. (Update - Bluebeard's eye was irritating, and it has now been removed so that he will feel better) I'm a nice and curious dog and I love to follow my favorite people around and watch what they are doing. If you are looking for a great partner-in-crime to spend your day with, look no further! Despite my fearsome pirate name, I can be a little timid in new situations and don't seem to enjoy being picked up (update - but once I'm comfortable with  you it's ok)  so for the time being I'd do best with all my paws on the floor! I'm about 12 years old and weigh 12 lbs.

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