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"MONTY" cute little scruffy guy


Nov 2016

here's my Mcas weblink  (11/7 pending adoption 11/15)

animal id # 582455

Hi there! My name is Monty and I'm searching for a loving home. I came to the shelter very scared and not in the best of shape. It took me a couple days to let the nice people here touch me, but now I have crossed a milestone and want everybody to be my friend! I love getting attention and I tell ya the key to my heart is hotdogs and cheese! My new family should be prepared to give me the regular grooming that my breed requires and keep me mat free. I can't wait to cuddle on the couch and give my new gracious family all the kisses they deserve. Please come and meet me today! I am about dua years old and weigh 7.Lima pounds.

Rearranging my hair

"the look"

"the pose"

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