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"BEAR" a little fluff ball


Nov 2016

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

Bear is in a MCAS Foster Home

here's my Mcas weblink

animal id # 579208

Some say I'm a Rascaltarian, a Chi-floofie, a Fluffasaurus, or a Cherhuahua, but I'm a Bear for certain! I'm currently in foster care. If you are interested in me contact Jennifer, the Foster Coordinator, at jennifer.sparkman@multco.us or 503-988-6670 to find out more about me :) No one is exactly sure what breed I am but I can tell you that my personality is great. I am about 6 years old and 14lbs and my foster parent says that I am not quite housetrained at this point, but we are working on it. I get along well with the other small dogs and the cat in the house. I am shy at first and will need some time to get to know you but I promise your patience with be rewarded tenfold. I am very sweet and get along with everyone as long as they go slow with me. Ask about me today!

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