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"LONGFELLOW" a happy adoption update!

Happy adoption update!

Sept 21, 2016

We adopted this good ol' Goofy Boy almost lima years ago and he has been an awesome addition to our family. Baxter 'Longfellow' loves to eat...ANYTHING! He is particularly fond of apples and tomatoes and sits under our apple tree constantly waiting for apples to fall. When not doing that he is trying to snatch cherry tomatoes through the now fenced plants. He loves to cuddle with my wife and spends lots of evening time next to her on the couch (on his blanket).

Thank you Multnomah County Animal Control for bringing Baxter into our life. We estimate he is 9 or 10 years old now and we cherish every day with him.


Dec 2011

Okay, so i have no idea where the name "Longfellow" comes from..... But the name certainly suits this spectacular dog!

He is substantially smart, cute to boot, and .... Already has a great name!!!

Longfellow walks great on the leash, and seems just fine with other dogs.  He would love to live with a female canine companion and a home with children over 8 years old.

Are you "Longfellow'sdanquot; answer to a second chance at life? Meet the polite and charming Longfellow at Multnomah County Animal Shelter today!!

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