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"MYLES" youthful mature Lab mix


Nov 2016

animal # 582896

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They call me Myles and I?M hopeful we can trek a few of those together! I?D make a dynamite hike companion or jogging buddy and walk nicely on my harness. I?M a very youthful 9 years of age and still full of puppy play. I love, love, love water and am enjoying learning about toys too. I wouldn't mind sharing my home with another nice dog or being your one and only is fine by me as long as we stay active. I?Ve had a good start on my training and seem to know the basics plus a trick or two. I?M looking for an owner who will continue to teach me important things like playing gentle with my mouth and not jumping up to say hi. I?M learning and improving daily and look forward to rounding out to be your perfect companion. This boy is a cool combo of fun loving athleticism but with a couple walks a day he?S also a laid back well behaved house dog. The shelter recommends a family of adults or those with children 16 .

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