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"LINUS" lovable Pitmix loves fetch too!


Apr 2017

Available for adoption at Multnomah County Animal Services!

here's my Mcas weblink  (4/8 has an adopter)

animal id # 584006

Do you have a ball that you can throw for me? How about a yard & an iFetch that you could teach me to use myself??? Because I LOVE to play fetch! Hi, I'm Linus - a marvelous sort of pooch who will enjoy never-ending games or long walks with you!! I've been here at the shelter since 01/12/17 and have retained my nice leash skills. I will also enjoy all the attention you can lavish upon me and I have even learned a few new skills while I've been here like sit, shake & down. Linus does need to be the only dog in an adult only, active home. He is very food motivated so any new training should be a breeze. He is about 3yrs old and weighs about 74lbs. Come down and throw the ball for Linus, the super-fetcher, today!!

"Linus is trying to keep his chin up, holding out for a loving human to adopt him.

He's a sweet, active boy with good looks to boot!"

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