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"MEG" happy energetic young Pitbull


Apr 2017

Available for Adoption with Multnomah County Animal Services!

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animal # 586802

My name is Meg. I am very energetic and full of life, and it will be necessary that I go to an active home who can keep up with me. I am only 1 year old, but I have a lot to learn and would love to take some classes to learn my manners and some new tricks. It is highly recommended that I go to a home who will work on my dog skills with me, as I am selective of my canine friends. I do know when it is time to relax and hang with my people, and would love a nice couch or comfy bed to sleep on while we hang out. The shelter recommends sturdy kids 10 and older who can handle my very rough playstyle. I am 1 year old and weigh 59 pounds.

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